Exam Timetable for Students | Best Exam Study Routine 2022

Best Exam timetable for students to study effectively during exams. Hey! we are here to rescue you!

Your exams are coming up and you don’t know how to keep a track of time, on this blog you can find out what are some things you should have a practice on, from the exam timetable for students that we are giving you.

Before diving in, you must also remember that not only the timing is important for your study session, but the place, the mood of how you study, Let’s get started.

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Exam timetable for students

Morning routine

Your morning schedule should be starting from 6am to 12pm.

Start your fresh morning at 6am, get up, tidy your bed as soon as you get up, brush your teeth and fresh up, after you have finished doing all this, take some time to exercise, just a small warm-up session in your room, this will help in allowing your blood flow to be better and hence you will start getting ready for your study session by being focused.


Start your study session by 7am.

Take a subject that you’re weak at, a subject that you find difficult, because the early morning mind is fresh and easily adaptable to learn new topics, hence don’t miss this opportunity to study some difficult topics.


Take a break at around 9 am.

By this time you should be having a healthy breakfast, something that has walnuts or almonds in it since this will be your memory-boosting intake.

Make sure while you’re taking a break, you’re doing something productive like solving some puzzles, sudoku, or even some riddles.

By doing this you’re helping your mind to exercise and this will be a benefit once you start studying again.


Around 9:30 go for some maths solving subjects till 11:30 but remember that you also need to take breaks of about 5-7 mins in between this will again help you feel more active and less bored.

Afternoon routine:


Have your lunch by this time, and make sure you don’t delay this time since having something to eat will help you concentrate better, Prefer food items which can boost your memory!


Always remember to have a power nap, having power naps are extremely beneficial and some of the benefits include enhanced memory, improved cognitive performance, and stronger logical reasoning.


By this time you should wake up and once again start something like solving some maths sums or even studying science, since this time you would have more intense focus, make sure you use this time well.

You could also solve some previous year’s question papers as well and get an idea of what is expected to come in your exams, and get this practiced for about 2 and a half hours.

Your evening routine:


By 4:00pm you can take a small break of about 15mins and make sure you have some refreshments, have some tea, or just chew on some healthy snacks.


Around 4:30pm you can now start revising your easy subjects since this is the time when you would feel much lighter.


At around 6:30pm you can go outdoors and have a fresh nature walk, why a nature walk because according to researchers, taking a nature walk can help you release stress and make your mood better.


Since your board exams are approaching it is a must that you need to have good practice on your handwriting and as well as your writing speed, hence try practicing this during this time


Make sure you read something during this time since along with writing skills you must also have good practice with your knowledge of English words to improve your reading skills.


You should have your dinner by this time, make sure you have your dinner on time since any delay in your dinner time will be a delay in your sleeping time and hence your body clock will again change, therefore having dinner at the right time is at 9:30pm.



As you might have noticed that throughout the video I did not mention any gadget, phone nor computer, or laptop, see when you focus the most, that’s when you need to make sure that you keep all your distractions away and one of the most distracting things is your gadget.

Bonus Tip:

Let’s talk about the timing, always go for a time that you feel the most refreshed, and energetic, and make sure you study at a place where there is less chaos, by less chaos I mean having a clear desk before you start

Research has also proven that the effects of clutter in your home or your study table allow your mind to procrastinate more and makes you feel less focused.

Dedicate a few of your days only to this pattern, this will become your routine, and this exam timetable for student’s routine will help you not only focus better but will also help you score way better marks in the exam since you will be disciplined and become a topper!

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